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Surveyor Equipment: Stakes & Pegs – Essential Tools

If you are an experienced surveyor, you’ve undoubtedly encountered a tonne of surveyor equipment required to complete the job. Moreover, you must know the laws and regulations for your chosen field. As a professional surveyor, it can be daunting when looking at different brands of surveyor stakes and other types of surveyor pegs. So, as an essential piece of survey equipment, here is a breakdown of the various kinds of surveyor supplies you will come across:


What Is a Boundary Peg, and What Is It Used For?


A boundary peg marks the location of assets, such as building corners and boundary points. This surveyor equipment comes in various sizes, the most common being a square top. Also known as survey pegs or boundary pegs, you can utilise these to identify land boundaries. As any good surveyor will tell you, a boundary peg is mandatory for each lot.


Moreover, it can see a requirement to be visible by the regulatory bodies before completing the sub-division. It’s not uncommon for land surveyor equipment to come loose and go missing. They often get lost in grass or soil or are removed during earthworks. Additionally, if this does occur, you may need to replace your construction surveyor equipment pegs. It is a breach of the law for someone to remove or reposition boundary pegs.


A Primer on Surveyor Equipment: Hardwood Timber Survey Pegs Explained


Hardwood timber survey pegs are best to use on soft ground. Marked on top with a nail or pin, you can also use an aluminium tag to denote the description of the asset. Furthermore, other construction surveyor equipment uses a cap peg for more complex ground. This peg consists of a steel spike driven into the ground by an impact-driving tool to avoid damage to the top of the spike. So, you can install a brightly coloured cap so you can quickly locate the survey peg.


Essential Uses for Survey Stakes: A Surveyor Equipment


You can use a survey stake to mark the location of an asset, as the boundary mark is often under or at ground level. The ID number of the boundary or asset is on the site pegs with a permanent marker or paint marker. So, you can ensure the description does not fade with exposure to the elements. View QLD Survey Peg’s entire service range online to learn more about the essential uses of pegs.


Correspondingly, these surveyors carry these stakes around the site in a peg bag, quickly containing all the essential surveyor supplies needed. It is worth noting that many surveyors opt for timber survey pegs as they are an environmentally friendly option. Moreover, they are smooth, safe, easy to write on and drive into hard ground. Timber survey pegs are reusable and have a long working life, giving you real value for money.


The Bottom Line


Surveyors rely on takes and pegs, two indispensable tools, for precise boundary marking, elevation marking, and location marking on building sites. Stakes and pegs allow surveyors to precisely direct building processes, reducing the likelihood of mistakes and increasing the likelihood of successful project completion.


Stock up on Surveyor Supplies


Regarding top-quality surveyor equipment and supplies, look no further than QLD Survey Pegs. Locally owned and operated since 1989, we’re known for our quality surveyor stakes, exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. What are you waiting for? Pop in and see us at 36 Burrows Street, Wondai. Or, phone 1300 650 832 for a free quote on surveyor supplies today.

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