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Reliable products for the Australian surveyor

When looking to buy Australian survey pegs you should aim to purchase safe, durable and quality products manufactured to last.

When making survey pegs in Queensland before distributing all over Australia, a way to ensure reliability with our products is the unique processing methods which remove unsafe flaws in timber.

Survey stakes are placed in the ground around the boundaries of land so plans and maps can be produced showing boundaries and ownership.

Reliable sustainable survey pegs

Australian survey pegs in Queensland are manufactured with sustainable methods which produce a smoother and safer product that is easy to drive into the ground. Preference is given to mills which cut from hardwood plantation farms with automated systems which ensure both reliability and speed of production. Survey stakes are made from durable timber at least 25cm long with 4cm x 7.5cm at the top in urban areas while rural land blocks can be 35cm long with 7.5cm x 7.5cm at the top. Sustainability and having the environment at the front of mind is so important. Timber becomes a preferred option to plastic pegs because it is environmentally friendly. Our survey pegs in Queensland are made so sturdy to survive even the harshest weather.

Important tools for surveyors

Often surveyors are used to decide where objects can be placed near a piece of land. Maybe it’s a bridge or pipe that is being built near a development or housing estate. It’s critical the land boundaries and ownership are determined properly before any construction begins. In addition to measuring devices like theodolites and tape, they use tripods, GPS technology and laser systems to give precise measurements of distances and angles which are then mapped out.

Why are survey stakes so crucial?

Australian survey pegs play an important role in determining land boundaries around the country. Surveyors use them to create plans and maps of the land which can then be used by developers and councils to determine building requirements or even for settling land boundary disputes with neighbours. Surveyors can measure distances and angles between points and highlight road boundaries, easements and leases. You shouldn’t begin building on a piece of land until you know the ownership is correct. It’s equally important during a sale.

The surveying, civil and mining industries all use Australian survey pegs to work out official land boundaries. Sometimes those land boundaries have been set up decades ago and it can be hard to find the survey stakes. So, when deciding on a survey peg to use make sure it’s built to last as it’s also illegal to remove them.

Our survey pegs in Queensland come in a range of sizes and colours to meet your requirements. Give us a call today on 1300 650 832 and we can have a chat about your needs.

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