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Survey Stakes and Pegs For the Civil and Construction Industries

Among the many products required for professional surveying are survey stakes for construction and civil surveying peg markers.


Qld Survey Pegs services a number of industries across Qld, NSW and SA including mining, building, civil and surveying so let’s take a look at the right tools for the job.


Before any construction work begins there is considerable planning and layout work required by the surveyor and a range of products are needed to get the job done within the law and to meet planning requirements.


Surveyors make detailed maps of the land where construction is and start pegging the area to map out the boundaries or various lines like ownership, roads, fences and easements by measuring distances and angles between points. Boundary markings are critical to knowing the ownership of a block of land. Peg in surveying: a beginner’s guide


Survey stakes for construction

We manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of civil surveying peg markers to suit all construction jobs. The most common survey stakes are timber or plastic. Wooden types of survey stakes are made from durable timber at least 25cm long. Plastic pegs can be smaller at 21cm long. Both wooden and plastic survey stakes for construction and civil surveying peg markers are ideal for ground marking and a range of projects for builders, concreters and landscape architects.


Painted survey pegs are the most common type of hardwood survey stakes for construction are made from wood and painted in white or a colour of your choosing. Qld Survey Pegs also stocks a range of unpainted pegs, colour top pegs, construction stakes, boundary pegs, metal stakes, pin flags, drill and blast stakes, nursery stakes and mining posts. Other products include marking tape, paints, ribbons and measuring tools.


Better for the environment

Survey stakes for construction and civil surveying peg markers made from sustainable timber are durable, long lasting and built to survive in the toughest weather conditions Australia has to offer. They are used in the building and constructions industries because of their reputation for being so versatile. They are less likely to crack or split and drive into the ground easily because of the square top. Take a look at the benefits of environmentally friendly timber pegs.


More builders are choosing timber pegs over metal and plastic because timber is sustainable, biodegradable and renewable. Qld Survey Pegs sources sustainable timber including many trees from our Australian plantations. This also helps to improve our carbon footprint by sourcing local products and reducing the needs for major logistical transportation internationally.


Qld Survey Pegs are suppliers for the surveying, mining and civil industries. Call us today on 1300 650 832 to have a chat about survey stakes for your job.

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