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The Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Timber Pegs for Your Next Big Project

In this day and age, it does pay to be an environmentally friendly business. It reduces your environmental impact and preserves natural resources for future generations. When it comes to survey pegs or marking stakes, choosing timber is a great way to look after our environment now and in the future. Wooden survey pegs are used to mark out residential boundaries and indicate points and positions of a site. Made from wood, metal, and plastic, they come in various sizes and coloured tops.


Choosing Hardwood Timber Pegs Over Metal and Plastic


Wood is an environmentally sustainable product. It is biodegradable and renewable, and many trees are harvested here in our Australian plantations. Using timber survey stakes made from timber ensures a low carbon footprint. This makes timber survey marking stakes a greenhouse-friendly choice compared to metal and plastic survey pegs.


Overall, the use of timber stakes makes a positive contribution to the long-term reduction of carbon emissions. Did you also know that approximately half of the dry weight of a living tree is carbon? This can be stored for the tree’s lifetime and retained through the timber manufacturing process. Using sustainable timber means that the cycle of carbon absorption and retention starts again on replanting. Using reclaimed or recycled wood to make timber surveyor pegs is also an environmentally sound choice, as no trees need to be cut down.


The Rising Popularity of Timber Survey Stakes Among Builders


Wood is easily workable, highly machinable, and can be fabricated into all kinds of shapes and sizes to fit the variety of requirements for survey pegs used on construction sites. Timber survey pegs can also withstand our harsh Australian climate extremely well, as opposed to plastic surveyor pegs, which will fade and break when left out in the elements long term.


Environmentally Friendly Hardwood Timber Pegs Are the Way To Go


Environmentally friendly timber stakes are low maintenance, cost-effective, and improve the environment. Durable timber survey marking stakes are known for their longevity and ease of use within the building industry. Less susceptible to cracking or splitting, environmentally friendly survey marking surveyors’ pegs are much stronger when driven into the ground. Timber survey stakes generally have square-cut pointed ends, with the benefit being that the shape of the point naturally drives into the ground a lot easier, which is especially beneficial when working on a site with tough ground.


The Bottom Line


There are several advantages to using eco-friendly timber stakes in your upcoming major project.  Because they are non-toxic and biodegradable, these pegs won’t harm the environment. Furthermore, they offer the same longevity and dependability as traditional pegs, making them an ethical and prudent option for any building or land development endeavour.


Need Environmentally Friendly Timber Pegs for Your Job Site?


Whether you work in the surveying, mining or civil industries, Queensland Survey Pegs has all your timber pegs available to ensure your site and building company remains environmentally friendly. Because your job is to use the product, our job is to find the product. So go ahead and contact our team either online or via phone at 1300 650 832. We’re here to help!

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