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The Different Uses of Survey Stakes

The three most commonly used peg markers are stakes, flags and pins. These surveyor symbols are common to any construction project and ensures everything gets put in the right place. They are usually made of wood although some are made of metal or plastic and come in different sizes and coloured tops.

The coloured marking of a peg allows surveyors to write data on it and easily locate or indicate the area. These pegs have pointed ends which make them easy to install in the soil.

5 applications 

Indicator Survey Pegs

These are the most common type of hardwood survey pegs used on development sites. They come with coloured markings on the top that are painted in white, yellow and red.

Boundary Survey Pegs

Boundary pegs are often used to mark new boundaries created as a part of a subdivision in land development project.  

Dumpies Survey Pegs

Dumpies are used to determine the accurate position for installing assets and amenities. These are made from hardwood timber and may come painted or unpainted.

Residential Survey Pegs

These are used to indicate the exact location for residential property. These are usually painted in white and come in many lengths.

Steel Capped Concreter Pegs

These pegs are made from timber and equipped with a steel band on top that can be reused. Its end is bevelled to ensure that the steel cap remains affixed.

If you require survey pegs for your construction project, Qld Survey Pegs are here to help.  

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