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What Are Survey Pegs Used For in Construction?

Boundary pegs, also referred to as construction stakes and survey pegs, are the guides and reference markers for earthwork operations to show cuts, fills, drainage, alignment, and boundaries of the construction area.

A surveyor places survey pegs to label major points on the land’s surface. For instance, they may place marks at the northeast and southwest corners of a piece of land to physically represent the boundaries.

There are several reasons why boundary pegs need to be placed in the ground on construction sites:
⦁ Placing stakes in the field that mark the location and elevation of proposed grades
⦁ detention ponds
⦁ utility structures
⦁ curb and gutters
⦁ buildings
⦁ any other improvements as shown on the approved engineering design drawing or architectural plans.

From rough grading to completion, boundary pegs are set for each stage of construction. The civil stake is hammered deeply into the ground, leaving the top of it sitting at ground level. However, it can sometimes be slightly above or below.

What is the purpose of a construction peg?

Survey pegs or survey stakes are used to mark out residential boundaries and indicate points and positions of a site. Usually made of wood, they are available in colour tops as well as painted or unpainted. When purchasing survey pegs for your next project, make sure they are high quality, long-lasting and durable.

Where else are construction survey pegs used?

There’s a whole range of different sites and workplaces where construction pegs are used. Some of the most common areas include:
⦁ local authorities
⦁ government departments
⦁ survey companies
⦁ road construction companies
⦁ nurseries
⦁ landscapers
⦁ builders
⦁ the mining industry

By identifying and removing unsafe flaws in the timber, your chosen peg manufacturer should strive to produce a sustainable, environmentally friendly product that is smooth, safe and easy to write on. Most importantly, construction pegs should be easy to drive into hard ground.

Can anyone remove a boundary peg?

The answer is no. Only a licenced surveyor is allowed to remove a construction stake.
It is illegal to remove or reposition a boundary peg if you are not the authorised person. If you are working on a construction site, or you happen to own it, take notice of your construction pegs. If you notice your boundary pegs are missing or have been moved, it’s important to contact the builder or site manager immediately. In some instances, if your survey pegs have been removed, you may need to have your site re-surveyed. And this can be expensive.

Survey Pegs from QLD Survey Pegs

For more than three decades, QLD Survey Pegs has been the leading supplier of hardwood stakes and pegs. Focused on manufacturing a quality, long-lasting, durable, safe product that exceeds customer expectations, we have a variety of painted, unpainted and colour tops available for your next construction project.

Using a manufacturing process unique to the market, we strive to identify and remove unsafe flaws in the timber used for construction stakes.

Drop-in and meet the team at QLD Survey Pegs, we’re located in Wondai, Queensland. Or phone us on 1300 650 832. You may like to browse our catalogue online.

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