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What Are The Different Types of Survey Stakes?

Survey stakes play an important role in determining land boundaries so we take a look at the options available for pegging.

The most common types of survey stakes are timber or plastic. They play a critical role for land surveyors who use them to determine the boundaries – and therefore ownership – of a piece of land.

They then use the information to create plans and maps of the block which can be used for building requirements as well as for settling land disputes.

What are survey stakes/pegs?

You will find survey pegs in the corners of your block of land. They are most commonly a square piece of wood that may be coloured. Wooden types of survey stakes are made from durable timber at least 25cm long with 4cm x 7.5cm at the top in urban areas while rural blocks could be 35cm long with 7.5cm x 7.5cm at the top. Plastic pegs can be smaller at 21cm long and 5cm x 5cm at the top. On a suburban block of a rectangular shape, the pegs are likely to be in each corner. While on a more complex land boundary there may be numerous pegs being used.

Why are survey stakes used?

Surveyors need to measure distances and angles between points to create office land boundaries for legal documents. They may show road and water boundaries, easements and boundaries for deeds and leases. Knowing the ownership of a block of land is critically important during the sale of a home or construction begins on a piece of land.

Important role in real estate sales and builds

Before you start construction on a new home or buy or sell an existing home, it’s really important to make sure you know the official land boundaries. If you need to change the boundaries of your land on planning paperwork or are disputing a land boundary, survey pegs are critical for surveyors to resolve the situation. Sometimes stakes have been in the ground for decades which makes them hard to find as they can be covered in grass or dirt. It is also illegal to move survey pegs. So before you spend a large amount of money building your dream home on an empty block of land, make sure you know what you actually own.

Environmentally friendly option

When it comes to types of survey stakes, timber is a great option because it is environmentally friendly. The survey pegs produced by us are made using sustainable timber which is also a sturdy option when used as a survey stake as even the harshest weather or a very close shave with a lawnmower will not destroy them.

Qld Survey Pegs are suppliers for the surveying, mining and civil industries. Call us today on 1300 650 832 for all your survey peg requirements. Our products come in a range of colours and sizes to meet your needs.

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