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Where Can Qld Survey Pegs Be Used?

Wood survey pegs are widely utilisable in the building and construction industries because they are crucial in determining land ownership. Surveying tools like clinometers, prisms, levels, tape measures, and poles are valuable for professionals. Still, you can draw up official plans using surveyor’s pins to mark physical land boundaries.


Wood Survey Pegs | The Best Uses for Qld Survey Pegs


Surveyors pins are critical that boundaries be determined before any sale or purchase of land to avoid any future issues that may arise. Disagreements can cause problems with planning and local governments. The uses of wooden pegs in surveying can be the following:


  • helps surveyors resolve disputes because the land boundaries were drawn during the original development and subdivision
  • driven into the ground to mark the corners of your land boundary
  • mark easements, roads, and water boundaries by combining surveying tools
  • helps with the official documentation of land boundaries


You are probably familiar with wood survey pegs out the front of your home or block of land. They usually make these from timber at 25-35cm long, while larger, more industrial options can be 60-180cm long and used as vertical stakes. Additionally, they are an environmentally friendly option, too, because they are sourced from sustainable timber farms. The uses of wooden pegs in surveying also makes them more resistant to damage from weather and lawnmowers. Our beginner’s guide to peg-in surveying is available here to learn about surveyors pins.


Wood Survey Pegs | Putting the Environment First


Wood survey pegs are an excellent option for sustainability and keeping the environment in mind when purchasing. Our hardwood timber is perfect for driving into loose or hard dirt and has a design to withstand the harshest weather conditions Australia can offer, from extreme heat and dry to extreme cold and wet. Additionally, we can also produce them in an array of colours. The wood survey pegs must be durable and challenging because of their wide range of uses in the civil, mining and construction industries.


The Bottom Line


For a wide variety of projects, ld survey pegs are an indispensable tool for clearly delineating borders, establishing reference points, and pinpointing precise locations. Their long-lasting nature and high visibility make them perfect for projects that demand exact demarcation. Moreover, professionals may confidently plan and execute projects with Qld survey pegs because they indicate and make easily recognisable crucial spots.


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Queensland Survey Pegs is an environmentally friendly company with experts in the manufacturing of wood survey pegs and surveying tools. We ship all over Australia and are proud to use sustainable products to protect the future of our planet.


Our automated manufacturing plant ensures we can reliably stock orders and deliver quickly. Please call us today at 1300 650 832 to discuss all of your wood survey peg needs and how we can package an array of products for you.

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